Otis Otterbach, born the day the atom bomb destroys Hiroshima, is mentored by his grandma, a poet and painter who teaches him to believe in the implausible, and his father who coaches him in baseball so well, he becomes a big-league pitching prospect. But wicked conflicts visit in the person of Cynthia Jones, mother of Casey, Otis’s best friend and catcher.

Experience a road trip to the little league world series, read about a little girl lost in New Orleans, a boy tormented by sex and other facts of life, and the MLB draft and.mysterious mission that takes Otis and Casey coast to coast and turns their lives upside down. 


Supermen songs

“Body and Soul”, Billie Holiday
“God Bless the Child”, Billie Holiday
“Pennies from Heaven”, Frank Sinatra
“Waltzin’ Matilda”, From On the Beach,
The End of the World