Songs from HICKEY + MCGEE

Because the Hickey’s are a musical family, you will find mentioned in their books songs that inspire or elucidate passages. If you too are musical, consider listening to them by clicking the links.

They are: 

“There is a Fountain” by William Cowper   amazon    you tube

Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison    amazon    you tube

“Hearts Courageous” by Collins/Collings, a song that reminds me of my cousin who inspired The Very Least    amazonyou tube

“I Tried Him for Myself” by Edwin Hawkins and Gabriel Hardeman    you tube 

“Tutti Fruti” by Little Richard and Dorothy LaBostrie. Notice the racial composition of the performers vs. that of the audience. This was like what I experienced growing up and one reason I distrust the politics of nostalgia     amazon    you tube

“St. Louis Blues” by W.C. Handy    amazon    you tube

“Someone to Watch Over Me” by George and Ira Gershwin, which I first heard when I was fifteen and snuck into the old Desert Inn casino in Las Vegas. Although at that age, I mostly posed as macho, I confess I took the song to heart and it’s still lodged there.    amazon   you tube

“Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, performed by the unforgettable Judy Garland.    amazon    you tube

“Men With Broken Hearts” by Hank Williams. Remember “The God that made you made them too.”    amazon    you tube


“Union Maid” by Woody Guthrie, a favorite of Clifford and his quite feminist daughter Feliz.    amazon   you tube

“Slumber My Darling” by Stephen Foster which Clifford sings to prove his worth to Jodi.    amazon    you tube

“How Can I Keep from Singing” by Robert Wadsworth Lowry, isn’t a song one would expect at a funeral.    amazon    you tube

“Luckenbach Texas” by Chips Moman and Bobby Emmons offends Feliz.    amazon    you tube

“Would They Love Him Down in Shreveport” by B. Braddock,  expresses Tommy’s attitude toward the church.   amazon    you tube

“Stormy Weather” by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, sung by the wonderful Etta James.    amazon    you tube

“Oh Sister” by Bob Dylan may be the most seductive of Christian songs.    amazon   you tube

“Black Magic Woman” by Peter Green, played by a friend of Alvaro’s.    amazon    you tube

“Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster, Clifford’s favorite writer of popular songs, is the theme of the story’s most outrageous conclusion.    amazon    you tube