Nicole L Rivera

Nicole L Rivera is a graduate of Perelandra College, where she began writing Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter. She has a passion for using stories to explore faith and values in order to help herself and others understand Biblical truth and values in deeply relevant and entertaining ways.

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter


Explore life’s deepest truths. Discover wisdom about friendship, courage, loyalty, and love from the Boy-Who-Lived and his magical friends.Nicole sees the Harry Potter story as a guide to life’s deepest truths, offering inspiration about faith, friendship, courage, loyalty, love, and other wisdom of the Bible. She points out the vital advice about how to live like Christ and Harry Potter heroes.

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The Wooster War

It’s 1942 in Wooster, Ohio. Frankie dreams of being a war hero like Captain America, but he also dreams of the girl next door. Having already lost her husband to the War in Europe, Betty refuses to be Frankie’s gal unless he returns home alive. How many ways can a war get between true love? Frankie and Betty are about to find out. The Wooster War is based on a true WWII romance and shows how war is fought both on the battlefield and back at home.



Bagels and Bonnets

Zia Zook is engaged to marry Yonnie Miller, only she has a secret—she’s decided to leave the Old Order Amish. Not knowing where to go, Zia turns to God and clues her grandparents left. When she arrives in New York, she is swept into saving a failing Bagel shop, mending her family, and trying to avoid Nina Rosenberg—her new boss’s jealous ex-fiance. All the while, her heart yearns for home and Yonnie. Will she stay in New York or return to the hills of Ohio?