FOR AMERICAa five-book mindbending two-family saga and also an incantation, a work of magic created to finally finish the Civil War and postpone the end of the world for maybe a thousand years.

the HICKEY FAMILY novels: A brave and inspiring family lead readers through a century of crime and punishment.

NEWPORT AVE: a gripping novel in the tradition of classic noir in which a Sunday school teacher plots murder.

READING BROTHER LAWRENCE: memoir of an author who lets a book and a memory guide him to the Kingdom of Heaven.

WRITING AND THE SPIRIT Who needs inspiration? Everybody, especially artists. Here’s where and how to find it.

CARS, CALIFORNIA STORIES is a collection of fiction and biography as offbeat as the state itself.

ROAD KILL and NO CATS, NO CHOCOLATE: Authors Alan Russell and Ken Kuhlken met at a mystery convention and soon hit the road to promote their books. Their bizarre adventures make delightful reading for anyone who has considered or dreamed of a career as a writer and for anyone else who enjoys laughing. 

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