is an altogether long, long novel, a saga, and also an incantation, a work of magic created to postpone the end of the world for at least a thousand years.

The five books of For America are:

Supermen: Readers accompany Otis Otterbach on a road trip to the little league world series, share his torments prompted by sex and other facts of life, follow him and his best friend and catcher Casey through the MLB draft and on a mysterious mission directed by Casey’s mother, the deranged and homicidal Cyjnthia Jones. What’s this, a free ebook?


This Rough Beast: 
Otis  attempts to make a life after baseball and after Casey disappears, perhaps on the run after committing murder. The story follows and interprets the hopes and turmoil of the 1960s including the Vietnam war through the eyes of an infantry soldier, a helicopter pilot, and a deserter; the protest movements in Berkeley; the rise and fall of the folk music and coffee house scene; the Manson family and what its existence caused and taught, from the point of view of the girl whose testimony assured the conviction of Charles Manson. Go bargain shopping.

The Gas Crisis
Following the loss of his home and Casey, Otis faces tough questions, such as whether to stay married, what sort of work and life to pursue and, above all, whether to kill Henry Tucker, whom his nemesis Cynthia Jones calls the Enemy. These dilemmas send him from California to Iowa where he enrolls in a prestigious graduate school. But panic attics and encounters with famous writers living and dead convince him to flee in haunted desperation. Get this wild and crazy ebook.

 Otis decides not to inhabit the same world as the one he holds responsible for burning down his home and killing his dearest friend. He trains to make himself into a ruthless warrior then and sets off on what will likely be a suicide mission. After searching in wilderness and jungles, he finally arrives in the capital of Mexico, where the Enemy and followers await him. This one’s a thriller.


The Holy Grail concludes the For America saga with Otis finding in an island prison a measure of peace, which then is disturbed by baseball and the rape of a woman he loves. He escapes from prison and flees Mexico to settle with the rapist and with the resurrected Enemy, and with the deranged and relentless Cynthia Jones. And after Otis once again falls in love and renews his pursuit of a baseball career, a team of screwball Charles Manson worshippers come seeking revenge against his dear friend Nancy, once a Manson family girl. How could you not read to the end?

Now, devote your whole self to the quest.