For America is a five-book family saga and also an incantation, a work of magic created to postpone the end of the world for at least a thousand years.

The story follows the momentous life and times of a gifted baseball pitcher born the day our bomb fell on Hiroshima. In his first year of Little League, Otis Otterbach befriends Casey, a catcher, and thereby accepts his destiny as an actor in high drama produced by Casey’s mother, the likely deranged and surely homicidal Cynthia Jones. With her bizarre stories of a Biblical apocalypse and her relentless will, she turns gentle Otis into a murderer

The five books of For America are:

Readers accompany Otis Otterbach on a road trip to the little league world series, share his torments and tragedies, follow him Casey through the MLB draft and on an ominous mission directed by  homicidal Cyjnthia Jones.

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This Rough Beast: Otis attempts to make a life beyond baseball without Casey who has disappeared, perhaps on the run after committing murder. 

The Gas Crisis
Following the loss of his home and Casey, Otis faces tough questions, above all, whether to kill the Casey’s cousin. The hope of finding direction send him to Iowa City where he encounters famous writers living and dead convince him plunge him into haunted desperation. 

 Otis decides not to inhabit the same world as the one he holds responsible for burning down his home and killing Casey. He trains to become a ruthless warrior then and sets off for Mexico,  where the Enemy and followers await him. 


The Holy Grail concludes the For America saga with Otis finding in an island prison a measure of peace, which then is by the rape of a woman he loves. He escapes, determined to  settle with the rapist and with Cynthia Jones.


Now, devote your whole self to the quest for the Holy Grail, which is all that can save America.

And during breaks, or for inspiration, listen to songs from FOR AMERICA