Olga Savitsky lived in the manner Jesus Christ modeled, putting aside everything most of us crave in exchange for the freedom that allowed her to help people in need and to spend plenty of time listening, talking and writing to God. Shockabonda is her collection of poems and prayers, testimony to a rare and beautiful life from which we all should learn.

Honoring Olga, by Pam Fox

Olga Savitsky was a wise, passionate, and uniquely honest poet, and a beloved friend.

Olga received the B.A. from Clemson University with a concentration in Social Problems and Systems, minoring in Fine Arts and Language. Then she earned her Master’s in City and Regional Planning. On her resume, she reveals her interests in graphic arts, languages, and “a working knowledge of Russian, Spanish, and Greek.”

Ultimately, her vision did not encompass planning earthly cities, so she resigned altogether from the field with the farewell: “Take my worldly entanglements / And transform them into spiritual entwinings.” She chose to live free from political entanglements by cleaning houses while listening to praise music to effectively chase away what she called the “dirt devils,” leaving a spiritual afterglow in her clients’ homes.

As far as what will be eaten by moths and rust, Olga treasured two honors: her Smokey the Bear Reading Club Certificate (awarded when the Russian babooshka read in English for the first time), and her honorary MFA (Master’s of Fiery Arts) degree from Perelandra College, where she remains honored as the first Poet Laureate.

Listen to Olga’s poem, “ Jesus You Are My Nightlight,” read by Zoe Kuhlken.