A phone call from a neighbor reporting a suspicious character at his home sends Jared Brown to jail and other places on the outskirts of hell.

Million Dollar Man is the story of a wrongfully accused family therapist whose dedication, exemplification of Christian principles and loving perseverance have inspired and encouraged prisoners and others whose lives have been shattered. Dr. Brown candidly shares his gripping and often turbulent life. In 1995, he was violently arrested and incarcerated on two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon. This began a maelstrom of pain and horror. Though jail was a frightening and bewildering experience, Dr. Brown, supported by his faith, established beneficial relationships with inmates that have lasted to this day.

Million Dollar Man recounts the attempts of the author’s wife and her lover to destroy him through the legal system.

Sample Reader Reviews

Jared’s spirit — a worth beyond millions! by Anne A. Eggertsen: “I was riveted in my reading of this book. The author has suffered such unimaginable insults and trials, and he has such an uplifting message to share, overall. This is a profound book–and I felt like I knew the author from early on. He is such an open, honest, faithful person–and his writing style is compelling. His perseverance is a testimony to faith and how prayer and guidance can help one to endure great pain and challenges—and then even to offer help to others and share support and love in most unexpected conditions and locations! I felt like I went through it all with him–and I am better for it.”

Inspiration, by Grant Fish: “Truly a compelling work from the inspirational perspective of someone with perseverance. This book helped me renew my inner strength when the weight of the world was pressing down on me.

Compelling, Intriguing, Inspiring, by Roshann Chahidi: “From the moment I began reading this book I was so entrenched in the story that I found it difficult to put it down. This is a compelling story of love, faith, anger, sadness, betrayal, endurance, perseverance and the injustice of the law. It was truly an engaging and startling journey from the beginning all the way to the climatic end. I felt I knew the author so well as he thoroughly details the events of his life leading up to this horrific event. I believe that this book will be of comfort and guidance to those who sometimes feel they are so burdened down that they have no hope, and consequently may lose their faith at the darkest hour. The author brings light, hope, forgiveness, and compassion to all those he touches.”