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A baseball prodigy tries to decided between writing and murder. In the process, he cracks up.
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The Gas Crisis is Book three of FOR AMERICA, a family saga that is also an incantation, a work of magic created to postpone the end of the world for at least a thousand years. The story follows the life and times of a gifted baseball pitcher born the day our bomb fell on Hiroshima.

In The Gas Crisis, Otis Otterbach faces tough decisions: whether to stay married; what sort of work and life to pursue: and whether to kill Henry Tucker, whom he blames for the fire that destroyed his house and killed Casey, his dearest friend. For years, Casey's deranged mother has held that Tucker is a Beast prophesied in the Bible. These dilemmas send Otis from California to Iowa where he enrolls in a prestigious graduate school. But panic attacks and encounters with famous writers living and dead convince him to flee in haunted desperation.

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