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all you need to know about California
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Two memorable books by novelist Ken Kuhlken, one noir novel and one story collection, in quality trade paperback editions.l

Cars: California Stories, vividly captures California as a glorious dream, a hallucination and a nightmare, a state we all should experience though we might not want to risk living there. in trade paperback, Cars is a unique and gratifying gift for any reader who lives in or wonders about the most loved and hated state in the union. A must for fans of Joan Didion, Raymond Chandler, Michael Connelly, or Don WInslow.

Newport Ave, a gripping novel in the noir tradition, explores crime and its endless consequences. James Dobchek, a fugitive from a manslaughter charge returns home to a foggy California beach town hoping to protect his sister Olivia from Maurice, her estranged husband, a mob-connected gambler. James enlists the help of his closest old friend, Greg Mairs, now a devoted Christian family man and Sunday school teacher. After exploring all options, they decide the only sure way to protect Olivia is to kill the gambler.

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