From Clifford Hickey:

Richard Brautigan’s 1966 novel The Abortion features a library especially for unpublished books. Authors could simply bring in copies of their manuscripts, and people could visit and read them.

The library valued the works, not the money publishing could generate.

These days, authors can publish their own books economically using print on demand or ebook technology. Still, a publisher who edits, designs, and in other ways takes pride in a work can honor its authors and save them from labors they may not feel ready to take on or from costs they would rather not incur. 

Enter Hickey and McGee. To the books we choose to publish, we give time, effort, and expertise.  

To determine the suitability of your project to our preferences, please consider reading one or some of our books. 

Then, if you believe we might be the right place for you, feel encouraged to send a synopsis of no more than about 500 words and a brief author’s bio.

Those who would like help with their writing or publishing efforts, please consult the Perelandra College website. The college offers elective classes in several kinds of writing.

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