Alan Russell


Alan Russell tells us, “When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I am a storyteller. Identifying me as a storyteller is the epithet I would want on my gravestone. I love to weave yarns. I think about my characters as if they are real people. I worry about those that I write about. I want to know what’s going to happen to them. And I feel this need to tell their stories to others.”

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Should you buy one or more of Alan’s many wonderful books from the list below, your purchase will help our friends at Perelandra College achieve their much deserved accreditation.

Gideon and Sirius novels. A cop and his dog.

1   Burning Man    2   Guardians of the Night    3   Lost Dog     4  Gideon’s Rescue   

5   L.A. Woman   6   The Last Good Dog

Hotel Tales. Alan used to manage a ritzy La Jolla hotel. These books are funny.


Stuart Winter, Alan’s first Mysteries


And now take a look at his masterpiece, created on or about a couple road trips with his genius pal Ken Kuhlken: Read Road Kill and/or No Cats, No Chocolate  to find out why bestselling science fiction writer David Brin warns readers: “There are few subjects upon which the scientific community is in agreement, and the science fiction community is just as fractious. However, when it comes to Russell and Kuhlken we all concur: We hope they fall into a wormhole, end up on the other side of a distant galaxy, and are never heard from again!”

Mad authors on the road.    

Can they possibly survive?