Ken Kuhlken

Ken Kuhlken’s Midheaven was chosen as a finalist for PEN’s Ernest Hemingway Award for best first fiction book.

Then came the California crime series, which includes: The Loud Adios, Private Eye Writers of America/St. Martin’s Press best first novel; The Do-Re-Mi,  finalist for the Shamus Best Novel Award; The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles, San Diego Book Awards best mystery; and The Good Know Nothing, finalists the Los Angeles Book Festival best mystery.

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From Hickey’s:

Road Kill  and No Cats, No Chocolate: Authors Alan Russell and Ken Kuhlken met at a mystery convention and soon hit the road to promote their books. Their bizarre adventures make delightful reading for anyone who has considered or dreamed of a career as a writing and for anyone else inclined to laugh at the antics of a couple strange fellows.

Reading Brother Lawrence is a memoir, in which a book and a memory lead the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Writing and the Spirit: Who needs inspiration? Everybody, especially writers. Here’s where and how to find it. 

Write Smart: Learn or re-learn the storybook writer’s craft in the most effective and efficient way.

Cars: California Stories is simply a collection of fiction and biography as offbeat as the state itself.

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