For Jesus Freaks and Pursuers of Wisdom


Some years ago, Don McLean sang “American Pie” about “the day the music died” and in the final verse noted “the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for the Coast, the day the music died.” Meaning, when the folks called hippies caught on that they weren’t going to return to eden through sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, lots of them turned to Jesus while retaining much of the disillusionment with established culture and institutions that had led them to become “hippies”.

Hickey & McGee prefer not to use the word Christian as it comes with so much baggage. But the themes of our books for Jesus freaks and others certainly hearken back to Jesus Christ.

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter, by Nicole L. Rivera, is a unique devotional in which those familiar with the Harry Potter series can learn the Biblical wisdom J.K. Rowling offered.

Million Dollar Man recounts the ordeal of a Christian family therapist experiencing the divorce from hell.

Reading Brother Lawrence follows a novelist on the road to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In There Goes the Neighborhood, journalist Mark Stephen Clifton remembers the years when his pleasant suburban neighborhood became infested by demons.

Shockabonda offers a wealth of poems about God and about living for God.

Newport Ave: A devoted family man and Sunday school teacher plots what he  believes is a righteous murder.

Midheaven introduces Jodi McGee, a high school senior who has given up drugs and partying and turned to Jesus. Then  she falls for her young, soulful, English teacher, an atheist.

The Hickey family crime novels feature Tom Hickey, detective, musician, husband, and father through most of the twentieth century, as life, experience, and people he loves guide him slowly but surely into a powerful  faith.