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Cars: California Stories, by Ken Kuhlken: Nine selected short works that vividly capture California as a glorious dream, a hallucination and a nightmare, a state we all should visit though we might not want to risk living there. Free at: SMASH, KOBO, IBOOK, AMAZON

The Gachi, by Susan Salguero: She wasn’t the only angry woman at U.C. Berkeley. Always on edge but unaware why, she knew she had to flee. A passion for music delivered her to Spain. There she staked her life on Flamenco. $3.99 at SMASH, IBOOK, AMAZON, KOBO

Midheaven, by Ken Kuhlken: High school senior Jodi McGee turns from drugs and boys to Christ, but soon thereafter falls for her English teacher. As a result, tragedies test her will, her faith, and her sanity. Finalist for PEN’s Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel. $3.99 at: KOBO, AMAZON, SMASH , IBOOK

Million Dollar Man, by Jared Brown: A phone call from a neighbor reporting a suspicious character at his home sends Jared Brown, a family man and Christian psychologist, to the outskirts of hell.$3.99 at:  IBOOK, KOBO, AMAZON, SMASH

Road KillKen and Alan Russell embark on an epic journey to convince America’s readers to buy their books. But the dark forces of commerce are allied against them.  $ .99  at: KOBO, SMASH, AMAZON, IBOOK

No Cats, No Chocolate: In this sequel to Road Kill, Ken and Alan take to the road to appear on Oprah Winfrey and advocate for serious literature while covertly launching a career as romance writers. An Amazon #1 bestseller in several categories. $2.99 at: AMAZON, SMASH, KOBO, IBOOK

Shockabonda, by Olga Savitsky: Writers often imagine their ideal reader and compose accordingly. The reader Olga Savitsky chose was God. Since she wasn’t likely to fool her reader, she needed to be real. $.99 at IBOOK, KOBO, SMASH, AMAZON

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter. Nicole L Rivera, Creative Team Manager for the fansite MuggleNet, marries faith with fandom in this wise and compelling devotional. Drawing on the Harry Potter story and parallels from the Bible, she reflects upon life’s deepest truths, about faith, friendship, courage, loyalty, and love, and provides us with the keys to living like Christ and the Harry Potter heroes. $4.99 at: KOBO, AMAZON, SMASH, IBOOK

Write Smart, by Ken Kuhlken: Much acclaimed author Ken Kuhlken shares insights gained over thirty-some years as a novelist, university creative writing professor, and founder of Perelandra College. By following the Write Smart process, writers will efficiently create, revise, and sell their stories. Free at: KOBO, AMAZON, SMASH, IBOOK

Writing and the Spirit, by Ken Kuhlken: “With all the ease of a friend on your couch-an ingenius, multiple-PhD-holding, wise-man sort of friend, Kuhlken combines observations of the world we live in, writers in history and his own experience (failures and triumphs) to form an all-around handbook of writerly wisdom.” Anastasia Campos $3.99 at: AMAZON, SMASH, KOBO, IBOOK

Reading Brother Lawrence: During a troubled time, novelist Ken Kuhlken discovered a certain book helped him find peace. Reading Brother Lawrence chronicles his search for understanding. $.99 at AMAZON, SMASH, KOBO, IBOOK

Newport Ave, by Ken Kuhlken:  “… riveting classic noir, teeming with suspense arising from questions we all face: how loyal are we; how willing to sacrifice; how deep is our love.  Beautifully written and intriguing at every turn, this novel will linger in your mind and heart.  A winner!” — Gayle Lynds New York Times bestselling authorSpecial Preorder price until 3-1-18,  $2.99 at: IBOOK, SMASH

Freedom, by Alex Karola: Devastated by the death of his father, Navajo teenager Stevie Washington leaves his home on the reservation for this dangerous new world of cholos, lowriders, and retaliation. Here, Stevie works to build a new life playing street soccer with a group of misfits led by unpredictable social outcast Freedom Richards. $3.99 at AMAZON, KOBO, SMASH, IBOOK