Finding Unauthorized* Faith in Harry Potter

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We understand you are joining us from the muggle world. Please use this book as a means to navigate your new surroundings.

The term begins now. Simply open the book and turn to page one. A spell has been placed upon your book that detects the presence of a reader on a quest for wisdom, so only begin if you accept enrollment.

If you choose to decline, we will sorely miss you.  nicole

Yours sincerely,

Nicole L Rivera


Nicole sees the Harry Potter story as a guide to life’s deepest truths, offering inspiration about faith, friendship, courage, loyalty, love, and other wisdom of the Bible. She points out the vital advice about how to live like Christ and Harry Potter heroes.

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter answers these vital questions —

How to: belong; be a friend and treat your friends; love your neighbor; cope with family; know who you are; use your gifts and resources; manage your time; find your calling; appreciate yourself; choose your battles; choose your partners; overcome loss, depression, or despair; endure rejection and persecution; forgive the unforgivable; let go of worry; live in the light; find courage; face death; get to heaven.

Why to: tell the truth; practice humility; value others; invest in people; act in love; ask for help; rely on mentors; recognize the power of words; be abnormal; trust your friends; share your dreams; face uncomfortable truth; speak uncomfortable truth; choose sides; take risks; trust your beliefs; sacrifice; look forward to eternity.

What to: fear; treasure; do with freedom; expect from prayer.

When to: turn away from your errors

What’s more, you’ll find insights into such issues as: revenge vs. justice; the dangers of jealousy; the meaning and power of covenants; mistaking the messenger for the message; the importance of the soul; the source of real power.

To fail to read Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter is to commit a grave error.

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter. Explore life’s deepest truths. Discover wisdom about friendship, courage, loyalty, and love from the Boy-Who-Lived and his magical friends. Now available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Ibooks, and Amazon.

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*This book is not licensed or authorized by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Brothers Entertainment

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