In Cars: California Stories you will enjoy nine of the best works of short fiction by Ken Kuhlken, acclaimed author of both literary and crime novels. The stories first appeared in a variety of distinguished magazines and anthologies such as Esquire, Virginia Quarterly Review, MSS and San Diego Noir. As a bonus, the collection includes a feature article about legendary novelist Jim Thompson and his family and their life in  San Diego during World War II. 

You will meet the private investigator about whom the San Francisco Chronicle commented, “Tom Hickey is one of detective fiction’s most original and intriguing creations.”;Tom’s adopted son Alvaro who spent his early years as a Tijuana street orphan; a lovely and fragile musical prodigy caught in the web of Hollywood’s worst; wild and troubled teenagers addicted to fast cars; a California rock musician searching for sanctuary in Europe; a young man who begins a new and far more difficult life following a Billy Graham crusade; an artist discovering that his gift is a curse.

If Joan Didion, Raymond Chandler, or Don Winslow are among your favorites, Cars is for you.

BISAC: FIC029000 FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

ISBN: ebook, 978-0-9965242-6-1; trade paper, 978-0-9965242-7

Book description: Stories that vividly capture California as a glorious dream, a hallucination and a nightmare, a state we all should visit though we might not want to risk living there.

Keywords: cars, California, California beach towns, world travel, Hollywood, Tijuana, drug cartels, street racing, murder, Billy Graham, Japanese interment, Jim Thompson, San Diego during WWII, Disneyland


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