With our present staff and resources, we can only attend to the editing and production of one book at a time.

However, a mission of ours is to broaden the range of books suitable for readers interested in learning truths about contemporary Christians. With this in mind, we will always consider publishing works, especially novels, that concern themes and people most Christian (CBA) publishers would find beyond their range.

You may want to read Our Story (a web page) to determine the suitability of your project to our preferences, and also read Midheaven and/or Newport Ave (two of our novels), which exemplify our mission.

Then, if you believe we might be the right place for your book, feel encouraged to send a synopsis of no more than about 300 words and a brief author’s bio.

Those who would like help with their writing or publishing efforts, please consult the Perelandra College website. The college offers certificate programs, single classes, and links to writers’ resources.

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