Hickey’s Books is not currently soliciting submissions. With our present staff and resources, we can only attend to the editing and production of one book at a time.

Authors with projects you would like us to consider, please read Our Story to determine the suitability of your project to our preferences.  If you believe we might be the right place for your book, feel encouraged to send a synopsis of no more than about 300 words and a brief author’s bio. We will reply with our thoughts on your project as time allows.

Should we decide to publish your work, it will be thoroughly edited by one or more of these editors: Jodi McGee, Clifford Hickey, Ken Kuhlken, Alex Karola.

Those who would like help with their writing or publishing efforts, please consult the Perelandra College website. The college offers an M.A. program in Writing and the Spirit, certificate programs, single classes, and links to writers’ resources.

When we begin actively seeking new projects, we will announce in The Breeze, an e-magazine published by Perelandra College and delivered around the middle of each month by email.

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